Journalism Clips

The Washington Post:

  1. Tech, self-defense tips or pepper spray won’t save women
  2. The lives lost in the FedEx shooting in Indianapolis

The Juggernaut:

  1. Sidhu Moose Wala Brought a Global Diaspora Together
  2. Assailant Brutally Attacks Nirmal Singh, A Sikh Man, in Queens
  3. India’s Farmer Protest: An Explainer
  4. Not Indian Enough
  5. Anti-Blackness Goes Back To Ancient Times

The Hill, written content:
1. 1. Partygoers promote favorite candidates at The Young Turks event
2. 50 Most Beautiful — Ned Ryun
3. 2017’s top health-care stories, from ObamaCare to opioids

The Hill, edited content: 
By: Cenk Uygur, Founder and CEO of The Young Turks
Biden is the least electable candidate — here’s why

By: Heather Higgins, CEO of the Independent Women’s Voice
Democrats just killed the blue wave

By: Deborah Gordon is a senior fellow and Anna Ford is a research assistant at the Harvard Kennedy School
We’re entering the lawless age of health care

By: Bridgette Gomez, director of Latino Leadership and Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
Adding a citizenship question to the census is an attack on our health care

By: James A. Gagliano, a retired FBI supervisory special agent and a CNN law enforcement analyst
The insufferable hypocrisy of James Comey’s Act II

The Young Turks

Medical Daily
7 Meds You Shouldn’t Take On An Empty Stomach
‘Virginity’ Isn’t A Real Thing
Why Some Women Lose Their Hair
Memory Recall Research Could Help People With PTSD
The Real Reason Homophobia Won’t Go Away

To see a full list of articles written, please click here:

Sabrina Bachai articles

SELF Magazine
Healthy Now
Candice Swanepoel – March Cover Story
Fight Club – Kickboxing
3 Ways: Baby Bok Choy
Beyond the Burger

Melatonin Supplements Could Prevent Osteoporosis
Parting Is Such Tweet Sorrow

Yahoo Health
What Is Ghee? 8 Health Benefits Of Clarified Butter
4 Natural Ways To Cure Stinky Pits
Unhealthy Things Once Thought to Be Good for You
4 Deadly Food Allergies And How You Can Avoid A Reaction
7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity
7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Health
Why You Should Incorporate Spirulina Into Your Diet
6 Beauty Hacks Using A Lemon
8 Health and Beauty Benefits of Aloe
5 Ways Beer Can Beautify Your Skin And Hair

iScience Times
3-D Makeup Printer
Black History Month 2014: A Peek Into The Work Of Black Chemists And Engineers
Three-Soda-A-Day Diet Could Be Toxic

My Home Brooklyn (Real Estate)
Too Pricey For Brooklyn
Old Is New Again
Teeny Tiny Living

Real Estate Weekly (Real Estate Journalism)
Plex Appeal Doing It For Crown Heights Renters 

New York Asian Women’s Center (Women’s Rights Issues)
September 2011 Newsletter
December 2011 Newsletter
March 2012 Newsletter

Darden’s Diet: Don’t Bite Into Your Own Profits
Video Debate: What Will Happen to CIT?
Hyundai Must Go Luxe to Reach Wide Audience: Exec
Obama: Administration Did Not Misread Economic Downturn

NYU Pavement Pieces
No Compassion in Free HIV Testing
McCain Supporters Weep at Loss

Video Clips 

Good Morning America from Sabrina Bachai on Vimeo.

meddaily summerdrinks 10-3-13 from Sabrina Bachai on Vimeo.


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