No Sugar November Challenge — DAY 2 (Food Diary)

No Sugar November Challenge — DAY 2 (Food Diary)

Hi guys,

Soooo, I made it! It’s almost the end of day 2 and I didn’t give into temptation. I know it might seem silly to some of you, but you’ll be surprised at how many things I can’t eat because of the added sugar.

Here are the things I ate today (minus a pink lady apple that I forgot to take a photo of). I also drank another can of seltzer water and filtered water throughout the day.

According to The American Heart Association, the daily recommended intake for “most American women, is no more than 100 calories per day and no more than 150 calories per day for men (or about 6 teaspoons per day for women and 9 teaspoons per day for men)”. I used to eat WAY more than that!

I found this really cool infographic from the DailyMail showing how much sugar is in some of the common foods that we eat. (Also, don’t mind the fruits, your body can’t function without sugars, but they should be natural).




























How is it going for you guys?

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The Most Common Skin Question I Get Asked

Ever since I started my blog, people always ask me random beauty, fitness or health questions, but the one question that I get asked most often is, ‘Sabrina, I started breaking out recently and I take care of my skin – HELP me, please!”

To all of the people who have asked me this question, I want say thank you and let you know that I appreciate the fact that you see me as a resource, but I want to stress that I am not a medical professional, any advice that I have given you is based on my own research.

I’m going to answer this question broadly, based on all of the scientific research that I have done and on my own experiences. I want to stress that this advice will not work for everyone, but I think it will help you to understand the source of your acne issues and it might even help to clear up some of your breakouts.

I’ve never had terrible skin, but like everyone I break out with the random pimple here and there.

And let me tell you, seeing that zit can really put a huge damper on my self-esteem so I understand why everyone is always looking for quick and easy ways to treat it.

When people reach out to me I think they’re expecting me to suggest some miracle cream or medicine ( trust me, I wish it was that easy). However, one of the biggest issues with only topically treating your pimples is that it won’t cure the cause of your breakouts. Using a cream or a spot treatment will only work to clear the existing pimple, but it can’t guarantee that another one won’t pop-up.

Look at it this way, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and it’s a pretty good indicator of what’s happening on the inside. So if you take care of your insides, most likely it will show on your outsides – does that make sense?

I’m going to give you 3 changes you can make to your lifestyle that might help lessen your acne. If you do these things for a few weeks and see no changes, I would then recommend seeing your physician.

1. Keep A Food Diary – Cut Back On Sugar

You want to keep track of what you’re consuming. While the science is not conclusive on the effect of diet and acne, many recent studies have been published linking glycemic levels to acne.

What is a glycemic level? Glycemic index and glycemic load offer information about how foods affect blood sugar and insulin. The lower a food’s glycemic index or glycemic load, the less it affects blood sugar and insulin levels. Source: Harvard Medical School

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, having a diet with a low-glycemic index might help to improve acne symptoms.

Foods that have a high glycemic index include, sodas, cakes, bagels, and some juices. To see a more comprehensive list, click here: Glycemic index and glycemic load for 100+ foods

The easiest thing to do would be to cut out all processed sugars. Whenever I tell people this, they always say that they, “never eat any sugar”, but you’d be surprised at all of the places sugar hides. So if you’re eating something packaged or prepared read the ingredients. More than likely there will be added sugar.

This is a great TIME article to help you cut sugar from your diet: 10 Easy Ways to Slash Sugar from Your Diet

2. Drink Enough Water

A 2013 study found that nearly half of Americans are not drinking enough water, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Water is an important part of maintaing healthy functioning organs, which also means it can help to clear your acne.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day can help to cleanse your body and potentially clear up your skin.

3. Make Sure You’re Not Over-washing Your Skin

People sometimes think that if they have oily skin or are breaking out, it’s because their face is “dirty.” That couldn’t be farther from accurate.

Sometimes washing the skin too much can actually exacerbate acne. By washing your face too much it can strip the skin of essential oils, which can then lead to the body producing more oil and potentially causing more pimples.

I hope these tips help and please let me know if you have anymore questions. I would love to hear from you all.

8 Cold Weather Beauty Products To Save Your Skin

8 Cold Weather Beauty Products To Save Your Skin

You can use almost any brand of product that I listed in the video, but these are just some of the ones that I happen to like.

Products listed:
1. Brookstone Infuser Water Bottle:
2. Vaseline:
3. Vitamin E Oil:
4. Bag Balm:
5. Frank Coffee Scrub: (I bought the original one)
6. Spray Bottle:
7. Dry Shampoo:
8. Coconut Oil: ( I think it might be cheaper to buy this in the store)

3 Healthy Things You Should Do Every Morning

Hey all,
I wanted to share with you a few things that I do everyday. They make my mornings better and my days happier. Here are three of my favorite tips!

1. Drink Warm Lemon Water With Turmeric

This is a MUST for me. Before I hop into the shower I turn on my Bp4nYwTCQAAimQzwater pot, this way the water is ready for me to drink when I’m done.
I just take my favorite CNBC mug, fill it up, and squeeze about two teaspoons of lemon juice from an actual lemon (not the bottled kind) into it, and then I add a dash of turmeric.
When drinking this I use a straw because I don’t want the acid from the lemon to affect my teeth.

There are so many benefits to doing this: It’s great for digestion, aids in weight loss, it’s great for your skin, and it helps you to maintain a healthy liver. According to Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe’s Biological Ionization in Human Nutrition, the liver can make more enzymes out of lemon juice than any other food.

2. Use A Tongue Scraper Before You Brush Your Teeth

tongue scraperThis is an ancient Ayurvedic daily routine that I learned from my father. It helps to maintain oral health and it gives your mouth a fresh and clean start to the day by removing toxins.

Scraping your tongue can also help to improve your digestion and enhance the flavors of the foods you eat. By removing the guck from your tongue, you’re also helping to unblock your taste buds.

My dad actually made my tongue scraper for me. It’s basically a little piece of metal with a dip in it, but you can find them at any drug store.

3. Dry Brush Your Skin

21ZpqvU+nALI would suggest doing this every other day to see how your skin react at first. It might seem like another annoying step, but the results are wonderful! Start from your ankles and scrub in a circular direction up your legs, abdomen, back and arms.


Not only will this help to flake off the dead skin cells but you’ll also improve circulation.Then step into the shower and use your favorite soap or body wash. When you’re done, slater on some lotion or oil and you’re ready to go. 


What are some of your health/beauty morning rituals?

Natural DIY Makeup Removers You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Makeup wipes and liquid removers may seem convenient, but they can actually irritate your eyes and hurt your skin over time. “Since you’re not rinsing away the active cleansing ingredients in wipes, that residue that’s left behind may expose your skin to high concentrations of solublizers, surfactants and emulsifiers,” Dr. Maryann Mikhail, a New York-based dermatologist told  The Huffington Post. “This can be drying and irritating for some people, especially those with dry or sensitive skin. Also, some wipes contain alcohol, which can cause stinging.”
Luckily there are a few at home remedies that are inexpensive, effective, and safe:

1. Coconut Oil
2. Milk
3. Cucumber
4. Yogurt

To see the full post visit: Medical Daily.

Down With Dairy — I Gave It Up And My Skin Has Never Felt Better

Just to be fair and honest, I didn’t give up dairy completely. I still eat cheese or ice cream once in a while (verrryyyy sparingly though). However, giving up milk has done wonders for my skin.

I read this book called, “Feed Your Face” by Dr. Jessica Wu and in it she described how milk and other dairy products can affect our hormones thus leading to certain types of skin issues. So I decided to give it a a try and it actually worked!  

In a HuffPo article Dr. Wu describes how dairy products can be linked to acne.

“In recent years, research has shown that dairy is inflammatory, which means that it leads to redness, swelling, and pus-all of which can worsen pimples. Even if you choose organic milk products, which are made without bovine Growth Hormone, all milk products contain intrinsic cow proteins that can have a hormonal effect on your skin and lead to increased oil production and clogged pores. Try switching to soy milk or almond milk. If you do, just make sure you’re getting your calcium another way.”

I knew that getting rid of dairy actually worked because during my time of the month, I wasn’t getting a giant zit. Another thing that helped me was to increase my water intake. I recently did this thing where I drank 3L of water per day and it helped to even out and smooth my skin. Now I must admit,  I have fallen off the wagon with the amount of water I drink, but I still am doing better than I was before.

What are some beauty/skin remedies that have helped you?

5 Ways To Save Your Skin From The Winter Blues

The winter is finally here! While I might not enjoy the cold weather, the holiday spirit and the fun winter activities keep me smiling even though I might be freezing my butt off. 

The one thing that I dread about the winter is the way that it makes my hair and skin look. I feel like I’m constantly battling to keep the moisture in. 

I wanted to share a few helpful tips with you all and if you have any of your own, please feel free to comment below. Oh, please don’t forget to like and share any of these. 🙂

1.       Eat More Tomatoes

Since tomatoes are one of the biggest sources of lycopene — a powerful antioxidant — eating them can help protect your skin against sun damage. Even during the winter months, sun damage can still happen. Tomatoes help block UV penetration and prevent damage to vulnerable skin.

2.    Use An Ointment Moisturizer

By using something that is oil based, rather than something water based you will create a protective barrier on your skin. “You can also look for lotions or creams containing humectants, including glycerine, alpha-hydroxy acids that attract moisture to your skin,” Paredo tells Medical Daily. By adding moisture to your skin, you’re preventing it from cracking and drying out which can lead to premature aging.

3.       Don’t Forget Your Hands And Feet:

Since your hands and feet have fewer oil glands the change of weather will cause them to become even drier. Try to use mild cleansers when washing your hands and avoid using hand sanitizers since the alcohol in many of them can dry skin out. If you’re stepping outside, don’t forget to protect your hands with gloves.

4.        Use A Humidifier

A humidifier is a machine that reinfuses moisture into the air that typically evaporates in the winter. The lack of moisture could dry out your skin over time. Use the machine at 30 to 50 percent humidity and use it in rooms that you are most often in.

5.       Take Shorter and Cooler Showers  

Taking a cold shower can improve the blood circulation between organs and skin considerably. Increased circulation keeps your skin looking younger and will help to keep you warmer.

6.       Drink just as much water.

One important tip that many doctors and health care professionals recommend is to stay hydrated. Many people feel that since they are not sweating or losing as much water as they would in the summer months that drinking water and staying hydrated is not as important. However, keep drinking your eight glasses of water per day, wear sunscreen, bundle up, and enjoy the winter. 

Happy Winter Y’All! 🙂


This article was originally published to Medical Daily, to view the full story it please click here