No Sugar November Challenge — DAY 2 (Food Diary)

No Sugar November Challenge — DAY 2 (Food Diary)

Hi guys, Soooo, I made it! It's almost the end of day 2 and I didn't give into temptation. I know it might seem silly to some of you, but you'll be surprised at how many things I can't eat because of the added sugar. Here are the things I ate today (minus a pink [...]

Syringoma Treatment Part 3

Syringoma Treatment Part 3

Hi all, Thank you for visiting my channel again! This is the third (and hopefully the last) treatment for my syringomas -- I wanted to share a quick vlog about the easy and painless procedure to remove them. I hope it's helpful! Make sure you keep up with me on all of my social media [...]

Benefits Of Ghee (Clarified Butter) — 8 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate It Into Your Diet

"Ghee" comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "sprinkled," and it basically means that the milk fat is rendered from the butter to separate the milk solids and water. It’s made by melting butter and skimming the fat off of the top. You’ll be left with a yellow liquid when it’s hot and a creamy looking [...]

Panera Saying Goodbye To Artificial Additives from Bakery-Cafe Food Menu! YAY!

The fast food style restaurant announced in a press release today that by 2016 it would be getting rid of all additives in their foods. “Panera was founded on the belief that quick food could be quality food,” said Ron Shaich, founder, Chairman and CEO. “We started by baking bread from fresh dough each day [...]

Natural DIY Makeup Removers You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Makeup wipes and liquid removers may seem convenient, but they can actually irritate your eyes and hurt your skin over time. “Since you're not rinsing away the active cleansing ingredients in wipes, that residue that's left behind may expose your skin to high concentrations of solublizers, surfactants and emulsifiers," Dr. Maryann Mikhail, a New York-based [...]

Organic 3 Bean Veggie Mexican Lasagna–Ole!

Who doesn't love Mexican food!? With the spices, the colors the flavors--it's hard to resist! There are a bunch of fast food chains/ restaurants out there that promise authentic flavors and taste, but if you take a look at the ingredients you'll notice that they're all filled with harmful chemicals and additives (ahem...Taco Bell, Chipotle). [...]