6 Ways to Stay Motivated | Quarantine Motivation

Hi friends,

It’s been almost two months since we’ve been in quarantine and I found some helpful ways to keep me motivated:

  1. Write a to do list: Checking things off of a list can give you a small sense of accomplishment and in turn, it can feel like a win. Tasks also seem more manageable when they are written down.
  2. Set small goals: This ties into checking things off of a list. If you write your smaller tasks on a list and then check them off, it gives you a small sense of accomplishment and will push you to achieve more.
  3. Follow people who inspire you: I love following beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. One of my favorite people to follow is Lydia Millen, she inspires me to get up and get dressed every single day and that works wonders for my self-esteem.
  4. Use social media to keep yourself accountable: Posting your daily workouts or outfits on Instagram or Facebook can motivate you to keep eating better, working out, or getting ready.
  5. Take time to do nothing: Doing nothing is important for your mental health and resetting your motivation.
  6. Reward yourself: Have you started working out and have been consistent with it? Reward yourself by buying a new outfit or some sneakers.

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