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I wanted to share a laser treatment that I recently did with my friend, Supreet. She is the owner and master esthetician at Skin Sutra MedSpa in Virginia. Supreet and I were talking about treatments that I could do for my skin that wouldn’t be too harsh, but would still benefit my skin. She decided on the Venus Viva. Now, before you leave this page in fear of reading about some gimmicky procedure, hear me out.  

The Venus Viva works on all skin colors — it’s color blind. That means, no matter how dark or how fair your are, the laser will still work. It’s also a non-surgical procedure and there is little-to-no downtime, according to the site.

However, after I was done with my treatment my face was extremely red, but that redness subsided the very next day. A week later I still have the small, dotted scabs on my face from the laser, but everyday they’re lessening and they’re not noticeable unless you’re really up close. She also gave me a sample a growth factors serum and I rubbed it on my face the next day.

Supreet numbed me before she did it, but she said that some women choose not to get numbed. My pain tolerance isn’t that high so I definitely needed it. As she was doing it, it pinched a little, but nothing unbearable. It was also super fast, so if you don’t have a lot of time to spend at the esthetician, this is perfect.

You can see the full procedure here:

Overall, I would recommend this treatment, I still need to wait a few more weeks to see how the final results look, but I am hopeful and excited.

What lasers have you guys tried? Would you like more tutorials like this one?

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