The Most Inexpensive and Comfortable Bra | UNIQLO

Thank you for visiting my blog again. I know it’s been a while, but this year has just flown by. I recently got married, so for the better part of 2018, I was planning my wedding. Now that all of it is done, I’m going to try and do more practical reviews/ tutorials. I’m actually tired of seeing makeup,  hair videos, and tutorials that no one in the real world has time to do. As a working woman, I want to share things that are helpful for me (and I hope they help you, too.)

This review is all about my favorite bra. As women, we are constantly searching for the perfect “something.” Whether is the perfect night cream, the perfect foundation or the perfect bra. Well, I think that I can help you with the bra part. I’ve had this Uniqlo bra since 2012. I randomly bought it from the Fifth Avenue location and it’s been amazing. I’ve washed and dried it so many times and nothing has ever happened to it.

You can see that there are some slight design differences from the 2012 one to the one that I just recently purchased — overall the fit is the same. These bras are perfect for everyday wear, especially under work clothing because

I decided to get both the nude and black one since I wear them so much — and for only $19.90, why not?

I give this bra a 10/10. Click here if you’d like to purchase it:



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