Brunch Outfit: Printed Romper & Wedges

Today I met up with my parents and youngest sister for brunch. My mom told me to look cute lol so I threw on the easiest and cutest thing you can wear — a romper. I love the paisley and flower printed one that I wore because it’s so comfortable and soft. I paired this outfit with some wedges and threw on my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.


I also did my makeup using blues and gold. I’ll post that on my YouTube channel tomorrow for Makeup Mondays.

Who else loves rompers? And what’s your favorite type to wear — long or short?

Black Bread Romper: 20140706-200815-72495901.jpgNo 704 b Wedges: 20140706-200937-72577842.jpg

Thanks for reading!



(Photos taken by my baby, Shelbie😘😘)

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