5 Ways To Save Your Skin From The Winter Blues

The winter is finally here! While I might not enjoy the cold weather, the holiday spirit and the fun winter activities keep me smiling even though I might be freezing my butt off. 

The one thing that I dread about the winter is the way that it makes my hair and skin look. I feel like I’m constantly battling to keep the moisture in. 

I wanted to share a few helpful tips with you all and if you have any of your own, please feel free to comment below. Oh, please don’t forget to like and share any of these. 🙂

1.       Eat More Tomatoes

Since tomatoes are one of the biggest sources of lycopene — a powerful antioxidant — eating them can help protect your skin against sun damage. Even during the winter months, sun damage can still happen. Tomatoes help block UV penetration and prevent damage to vulnerable skin.

2.    Use An Ointment Moisturizer

By using something that is oil based, rather than something water based you will create a protective barrier on your skin. “You can also look for lotions or creams containing humectants, including glycerine, alpha-hydroxy acids that attract moisture to your skin,” Paredo tells Medical Daily. By adding moisture to your skin, you’re preventing it from cracking and drying out which can lead to premature aging.

3.       Don’t Forget Your Hands And Feet:

Since your hands and feet have fewer oil glands the change of weather will cause them to become even drier. Try to use mild cleansers when washing your hands and avoid using hand sanitizers since the alcohol in many of them can dry skin out. If you’re stepping outside, don’t forget to protect your hands with gloves.

4.        Use A Humidifier

A humidifier is a machine that reinfuses moisture into the air that typically evaporates in the winter. The lack of moisture could dry out your skin over time. Use the machine at 30 to 50 percent humidity and use it in rooms that you are most often in.

5.       Take Shorter and Cooler Showers  

Taking a cold shower can improve the blood circulation between organs and skin considerably. Increased circulation keeps your skin looking younger and will help to keep you warmer.

6.       Drink just as much water.

One important tip that many doctors and health care professionals recommend is to stay hydrated. Many people feel that since they are not sweating or losing as much water as they would in the summer months that drinking water and staying hydrated is not as important. However, keep drinking your eight glasses of water per day, wear sunscreen, bundle up, and enjoy the winter. 

Happy Winter Y’All! 🙂


This article was originally published to Medical Daily, to view the full story it please click here

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