Saving Your Skin, Hair And Nails; What Not To Eat!

This past weekend while I was writing, I began looking at foods that work wonders for your hair, skin and nails and what I came across was a number of articles and websites dedicated to talking about super-foods. What I didn’t find was information on foods that can really take a toll on your looks. My most recent story in Medical Daily covers just that: 4 Foods That Are Bad For Your Nails, Skin And Hair. As of now, this is a short list, but it gave me an incentive to further research what other foods might have these same harmful effects. An update will be posted soon!

Foods to avoid:

1. Sugar — According to dermatologist Jessica Wu, M.D., author of Feed Your Face,
“eating sweets causes blood sugar to spike,” she told the Huffington Post. “As the body
pumps out insulin in response to the rise in blood sugar, it also raises levels of androgen,
a male hormone that can make the hair follicle shrink in both women and men.”

2. Vitamin A — According to the American Academy of Dermatology, too much vitamin
A can cause hair loss. This usually happens through a supplement or a medicine. Normal
hair growth usually begins once vitamin A intake is managed.

3. Milk — The testosterone found in cow’s milk affects the hormone levels of both men
and women, thus affecting acne. In 2005, dermatologist William Danby wrote a paper
about his findings on the strong relationship between cow’s milk and acne. “Danby notes
that milk from pregnant cows contains hormones that oil glands can turn into
dihydrotestosterone, testosterone’s most potent form,” Scientific American reports.

4. Alcohol — Over-drinking or excessive drinking can not only affect your skin, but also
harm your nails. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it drains the body of necessary fluids and
nutrients. According to the Daily Mail, “Strong, healthy nails rely on a balanced intake of
nutrients and from plenty of water, both of which are depleted with increased alcohol

To read the full article: click here.

2 thoughts on “Saving Your Skin, Hair And Nails; What Not To Eat!

  1. I thought this article was very insightful. I look forward to reading more about this and other topics you cover in the future!

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